History of the Partnership

The South Chilterns Catchment Partnership was formed in 2012 in response to the Government initiative announced in February 2012 initially as the Catchment Restoration Fund part of the Governments Water Framework Directive Funding.

The catchment has three distinct geographical areas: in the West is the river Pang, a chalk stream in a rural area flowing into the River Thames at Pangbourne; the navigable River Thames flowing through the middle of the catchment between Wallingford and Cookham; and in the east is the River Wye, an urban chalk stream rising near High Wycombe and entering the Thames at Bourne End.

It was believed that to maximize stakeholder engagement over a catchment ranging from Newbury in the west to Maidenhead in the east and Oxford in the north to Reading in the south, it was best to host the catchment with an overall Steering Group supported by three sub-catchment groups based on the three main rivers.

Three externally facilitated workshops were held, one in each sub-catchment, followed by a Catchment Steering Group workshop all held during February 2013. This arrangement of having four meetings continued for the remainder of 2013 until late 2014. It was becoming apparent however that the number and frequency of the meetings was difficult to maintain, particularly for some partners who were attending three or even all four of the meetings.

It was therefore mutually agreed to concentrate on continuing only with the Catchment Steering Group but increasing its membership to include all those organisations who wished to continue in the Partnership. The reports of all the meetings are still shown for those who wish to consult them.