Reading University (Posted 06/11/2017)
We are pleased to announce that Reading University have been successful in their bid under the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)’s £4m Understanding the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management (NFM) programme. The project, whose application was supported by the Partnership, is entitled LANDWISE (LAND management in loWland catchments for Integrated flood riSk rEduction) and is only one of three successful projects supported by NERC. For more information.

“Working with Natural Processes (WWNP) - the evidence behind Natural Flood Management (NFM)” (Posted 02/11/2017)
On the 31st October, the Environment Agency (EA) launched the outcome of the above project. This has been developed to help flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) authorities understand, justify, develop and implement FCERM schemes with WWNP to reduce flood risk. The meeting included presentations from a range of projects that have successfully implemented NFM measures on the ground, through effective partnerships, whilst drawing on a range of funding streams.

The EA undertook 3 interconnected projects (The Evidence Directory, Mapping the Potential for WWNP, and Research Gaps) that together make up the WWNP evidence base, see The event was the first of two with a second event taking place on the 6th December in Leeds.

River Pang Drought Alert (Posted 26/10/2017)
Following a long period of below average rainfall, the River pang upstream of Hampstead Norreys is now dry apart from a few remaining pools of water. (Further details)

Pang Valley Flood Forum grant (Posted 17/07/2017)
We are pleased to announce that the Pang Valley Flood Forum PVFF) has been successful in their bid for a grant under Defra’s Natural Flood Management (NFM) £1.0m competition for community schemes. They have been awarded £45 k towards their £259 k project designed to not only mitigate flood risk but by its very nature to improve stream ecology, water quality and create or enhance water meadow environments. A list of the 34 successful projects is available.

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