About Us

The South Chilterns Catchment Partnership was formed in 2012 in response to the Government initiative announced in February 2012 initially as the Catchment Restoration Fund, part of the Governments Water Framework Directive Funding. The Partnership comprises a large number of organisations (anglers, charities, conservation groups, government agencies, leisure and sport representatives, local councils, local voluntary organisations, water companies) all of which have an involvement with the area and who have the ability collectively to develop a vision and a strategic plan to deliver and maintain a healthy, functioning water environment (including rivers, lakes and groundwater) across the South Chilterns catchment.

The Partnership is “Hosted” by the Foundation for Water Research (FWR) who brought the Partnership together. Their role is to coordinate and organise the various members within the partnership to develop and progress the Catchment Plan by involving local people in the Catchment Based Approach in the improvement and conservation of the South Chilterns Catchment.

The Partnership’s Vision for the catchment is for a diverse water environment that benefits the natural environment, people and the economy with good resilience to pollution, flooding and climate change events. The Partnership plans to achieve this by: