Upper Middle Thames (Wallingford to Caversham) Project Sites

A legacy of the Thames Salmon Trust’s efforts in the 1990s, salmon passes are installed on three of the six weirs across the River Thames in this stretch. More recently, the Environment Agency has begun to install additional passes to allow fish and eel passage. However, more need to be provided, either through technical ‘on-weir’ solutions or, where there is sufficient physical space, installing naturalistic bypass channels. Projects 8 to 13, inclusive, refer to this issue.

South Stoke Goring STW Withymead Nature Reserve Tilehurst wetland habitat Cholsey Marsh North Stoke Little Meadow Caversham Weir Mapledurham Whitchurch Goring Cleeve Benson Wallingford to Caversham
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Wallingfordd Bridge
Wallingford Bridge © FWR

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